The Contois School of Music has a variety of instructors experienced in a wide range of musical skills and genres.  In addition to our regular teaching staff, we employ college students from UVM and St. Michael's College on a regular basis.  We want to make sure all of our students have access to the best education and technology to make learning music fun.

Dave Contois |
Owner/Administrator | Piano | Musical Director for the CSM Band

Dave attended Berklee School of Music in Boston and has always been on the forefront of music and technology. Dave was one of the first to produce background tracks to piano lesson books that integrate with keyboards such as the Yamaha PSR, DGX Keyboards, and Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos to make learning for beginners more fun and interactive.  Now this technology has become an essential part of teaching and learning music today.  Dave is also the creative vision behind the Contois School of Music Band which was assembled to promote music education by integrating students, teachers, and professional musicians.  
You can check out videos of the band here:  CSM Band Videos on Vimeo    

 Kaylee Contois |
Piano | Vocals | Music Theory | CSM Band Member

Kaylee has a degree from Berklee College of Music and specializes in beginning piano, vocal instruction and music production. 

 Trevor Contois |
Drums | Bass Guitar | Piano | Music Theory | CSM Band Member | Music Arranger for the CSM Band

 Susan Hosmer | 
Piano | Vocals | CSM Band and Music Instructor Vocal Coach

Susan Hosmer offers lessons in vocal performance and technique as well as beginning piano. Susan is the vocal instructor for the CSM Band. Currently serving as a Talent Coach for the Miss Vermont Scholarship Organization, she has had extensive training and experience in coaching vocalists in a wide variety of genres. She continues this training thru on-going vocal studies and personal coaching with world-renowned Brett Manning and James R. Wigginton of Nashville. Susan is also an experienced performer. As a professional vocalist with BestBands for more than 10 years, Susan performs at distinguished venues all over the Northeast with "premier" bands such as the Phil Abair Band, A House On Fire and The High Rollers, three of the most popular cover bands in Vermont. Susan teaches all levels of vocal ability, beginners though advanced, using proven training methods to extend vocal range and improve quality of sound.

 Thomas Carvey |
Bass Guitar | Guitar | Vocals | CSM Band Member

Thom Carvey is a multi-instrumentalist who has been perfecting his various crafts over the years in the music scenes all around the United States. He has had a great passion for music since he started playing at a young age and still continues to build his knowledge of music, never settling with what is viewed as common knowledge. This desire for knowledge led him to Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance (with main focus on Saxophone). While in college, he expanded his focus on music to include bass, guitar, keyboards, and vocal studies as well. Thom has taken his love of music and shared it with people all over the Continental United States, Canada, The Virgin Islands, Italy, Austria, France, and England in various bands and choirs over the years. He is an in demand session player as well, contributing various talents to an equally varied array of artists, both local and national. You can see him lend his considerable talents to the Contois School of Music Band as well as many local artists in the area. Thom has come aboard the Contois School of Music to share his knowledge and passion for music with the students here.

 Ian Koeller | 
Drums | CSM Band Member  

Ian Koeller has been performing live since he was 15 years old, and brings his live and studio experience of over 10 years to The Contois School Of Music. A student of Jeff Salisbury and Dom Famularo, Ian has recorded and played live with artists such as Joe McGinness, Robin Gottfried, The Gang Of Thieves, Megan and Liz, the Phil Abair Band, Bob Stannard, Rick Norcross and many others. Ian maintains a busy live and recording schedule in addition to teaching and playing drums in the CSM band.

 Jenni Li |

Jenni Li started studying classical piano from age 4. She took private piano lessons in Shanghai, China from from age 4 to 13. She attended Ithaca High School in Ithaca, NY, where she actively participated in musical ensembles. Throughout high school, she accompanied choirs as well as the concert band and was the president of piano club. In 2014, Jenni began studying the flute with Elizabeth Shuhan. During the summer of 2015, she studied the saxophone with Joe Salzano, and piano with Andrea Merrill. In the same summer she played keyboard for the Kitchen Theatre Production of 13, the musical, in Ithaca, NY. Meanwhile, she was teaching piano to children in her home.
Jenni currently attends the University of Vermont where she studies music theory/composition. She studied piano with Paul Orgel at UVM in 2016. In her free time, Jenni enjoys learning new instruments and jamming with friends. Jenni hopes to share her passion for music with children and show them that though solitude and discipline are required, music is really about hanging out and having fun

 Alex Thornton |
Guitar | Ukulele | Piano

Alex has always been heavily involved with music both in and out of school. While piano peaked his interest in music, by age 9 he had found his true passion as he picked up a guitar for the first time. Since then Alex has continued his musical development in a variety of instruments, ranging from guitar to piano and drums. Despite majoring in history while at UVM, his connection to music and desire to better himself as a musician never took a back seat as he is currently looking into a degree in music production. As a regular at open mic nights in Burlington it’s common to find Alex performing a variety of music ranging from original songs to Taylor Swift covers.

 Tyler Lucey |
Guitar | Ukulele | Piano | Cello

Tyler is native of Longmeadow, Massachusetts and a member of Saint Michael's College class of 2017, where he is majoring in music and minoring in political science. Tyler has played cello since age four and guitar since age twelve. He began teaching guitar lessons at age sixteen, and have since began teaching cello, piano ukulele and voice. While in college Tyler studies operatic vocal performance as well as Arabic folk music. Tyler has been with CSM since September 2014.